White / Western Supremacy Hand Book To Control Blacks/ Africans Forever

1. Never let blacks know what you are thinking; intentionally mislead them if you must.

2. Always try to figure out what they are thinking/planning so you can disrupt it or capitalize upon their genius.

3. Always appear to be friendly and humanitarian, never appear to be aware that you belong to, or identify with, the race that rules.

4. Look for blacks you can use to advance your cause, this is never difficult as most of them identify with their oppressors.

5. Use religion to gain their confidence, they are a religiously immature people, historically when we indorse their Gods; it opens up an opportunity for exploitation. They tend not to think clearly under the influence of religion and have a natural inclination to care about other people more than themselves.

6. Always remember no matter what they say or do, to keep your dignity, never forget that you belong to the white race that rules, but never profess this, as it is the part of the
politically immature white person to let black people know that they are in charge.

7. Never invite them into your home unless absolutely necessary, but always try and gain entry into their living quarters to ascertain whether they could be trusted.

8. If you can during verbal altercation with their leaders, try to provoke an emotional reaction or use word triggery to confuse them, if you are successful this will cause the masses
to lose faith.

9. Always try to get them fighting with each other, once they start it is difficult for them to stop, this is the most important strategy, they have a unique fondness for destroying one another that supersedes all other interests once it begins.

10. If you are able to provide some material support to them, or their organizations, this is certain to triple the awe and reverence they naturally have for whites in general, you will be able to use them like chess pieces, even against each other to fulfill your agenda.

11. Last but not least, never reveal the code to them, without knowledge of this code they will never see us as unified group of exploiters, but will assume we are divided by petty
differences like they are.

? Overwhelm the blacks with insignificant and useless information. They are particularly attracted to conspiracy theories be sure to mix accurate and inaccurate information together to keep their faith. Don’t be too concerned about the threat this poses as we are the ones in control and thusly we can alter our tactics as necessary, the fact that they know our strategy means nothing, because they have no idea of the tactics which can be changed at a second’s notice.

? Just because blacks have the right to vote doesn’t mean they have power, the fact that they have the right to vote means nothing for we control the candidates and the election process. The main purpose of the 1 man 1 vote strategy is to dangle equality like a carrot in front of the donkey, so as they pursuit the carrot they often associate democracy with a better way of life (development), therefore as they vote, keep making them believe that the one equals the other.

? Be sure to provide assistance to the blacks while you are destroying the blacks. Every act o aggression on our part must be followed up by an act of compassion, this will confuse the victims and it will lead them to believe that there are actually different kinds of white people. Because they suckers for humanitarian acts of grace, you can keep their faith and kill them at the same time

? You must always find one amongst their ranks that you can trust for critical information. You need not always entice them with money, sometimes petty jealousies and the opportunity for revenge is enough ammunition to secure a snitch. This tactic is very useful especially when your research reveals former lovers of their leading men who still harbor animosity towards their former lover. Many of their women will be willing to destroy these men without a need for payment. Your best ally may be the person he or she sleeps with.

? Never under estimate the need for blacks to fight one another as a means of discharging their anger. Black leaders often have the same rage and impatience as blacks in the
streets. We must use the same strategy to induce mass homicide to bring about the destruction of black militancy. J.F Hoover used this strategy effectively for 50 years to keep a lid on black insurrection. Use their natural distrust for each other by instigating and highlighting differences, have your black agents start rumors, and then get out of the way and watch them self destruct. Not knowing who to trust the movement will be effectively stagnated.

? Black people are hopeless, and like any hopeless people they have a tendency to rely on DEVINE INTERVENTION to solve their problems. Thusly, we should encourage this weakness in them. In fact, we could use this to our advantage by creating natural disasters which they will assume were created by God. This strategy was very effective with AIDS and Hurricane Katrina. Furthermore we should encourage the proliferation of religious centers in their communities to spread the belief that God will solve their problems. Religion will effectively keep the masses away from the revolutionaries, because it gives them another avenue of hope instead of organization.

? You must do well to find out what they are planning and then hijack their efforts. Don’t prevent or destroy their efforts as this will arouse the temperament of the masses,
whom we need to remain sleeping. Simply jump start the revolution, before they get started, and with the people not knowing you are controlling the movement, they will think that it’s “the people”. With no identifiable leader you can manipulate the entire effort from your office. The worked effectively with occupy Wall Street, Libya and Egypt.

? You must create leaders to replace those that threaten our agenda, you must be wise in your choice of replacement and should therefore ensure they embody the 7 characteristics :
? They must be charismatic.
? They must be cheaply concerned with themselves and not their people.
? They must have a religious back drop which will keep the people spell bound and not
interested in political progress.
? They must be terrified of white people.
? They must be easily controlled.
? They must be greedy for attention and money, which means they should be egotistical.
? They must have a relationship with the previous leader whom they trusted to ensure followership, authenticity and trust on the grass roots level. Since they respect money and college education, it’s often times better to use a celebrity or a scholar to advance your cause then a grass roots organizer. As celebrities and scholars have too much to lose, you will never have to worry about betrayal.

? Whenever people believe they are making progress they tend to relax their struggle and settle for the illusion of progress. Thusly, to prevent a unified front on the part of the oppressed we should give them meaningless victories, which will create division within their ranks, as some will be content with petty gains while others will want to press onward but will not have the man power to do so. These petty political victories should be attributed to our handpicked leaders to keep the people’s confidence in them.

You must keep the true source of your power invisible. Constantly develop and use a host of middle-men who serve to buffer you from the criticizing black masses. As long as they cannot identify the General of the Army, it will be difficult to defeat it. If necessary, pay the functionaries to assume blame for the faults of the system. Staying invisible ensures that you stay alive.

? It is important that we entice alterations between effective black organizations. By creating a war within the movement itself we stagnate progress, as the leaders have to fight on both fronts simultaneously. This is advantageous because it allows us to destroy both groups while remaining invisible. It also fatigues the leader and causes his or hers followers to abandon the mission as most blacks as afraid of organized confrontation.

? A united black front is our biggest threat, therefore we must highlight the differences that exist amongst the differing groups to ensure they never unify around a common agenda. Pre-existing petty differences must be intensified whenever an effective coalition appears to be in the making. They do a good job of this themselves, but we must make sure it stays that way.

? Never give them a street victory that we do not control. They will do more of anything they perceive to be successful. We must dictate their options by refusing expression to those options which are most threatening to our aims. Non violent protests that do not disrupt the economic order are most favorable to our purposes. As the Negro’s economic power is very strong, we must never allow economics to become the centerpiece of their movement.

? Operational unity among Africans on a global scale spells ruin for our grand design. We must fabricate divisions and disrupt operations on both sides of the Atlantic. We must create mistrust and cultural conflicts between natural allies to prevent the taking back of Africa. Whoever runs Africa, runs the world…


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