Why Your Mental Health Always Comes First

There are times when I feel caught up in the rat race. Everywhere I look, people accomplish their goals; they graduate from school, get promoted at work, and find better relationships. And I noticed they may do this because everyone wants to follow the societal timeline–the social construction which dictates our goals and milestones. 

And while I witness all of this around me, I often feel overwhelmed. Often, life throws me into a massive competition, forcing me to work restlessly with high expectations and demands. It seems as if I have to work harder just to vie for a spot in this world and achieve success.

However, I noticed taking care of my mental health is more important than staying that disciplined.

Oftentimes, we take on too many responsibilities to better ourselves. Although we think we can juggle so much on our own, we often burn ourselves out and feel frustrated about the amount of tasks to complete. The frustration can often manifest itself mentally and physically, in the form of headaches and fatigue.

If we’re so frustrated mentally, emotionally, and physically, why do we keep going? We will just feel more frustrated as time progresses.

Sometimes, we need to remember to relax.

As soon as I finished my second semester of college, I realized the importance of taking care of my own mental health and well-being through relaxation. Resting clears our minds from minuscule distractions and allows us to recharge our own energy before summer. It allows us to explore new places and try out new activities that we may not have done before.

Throughout my period of relaxation before my summer internship, I met with new friends, took the train to my favorite vacation destinations, and created unforgettable memories.

No matter where we are in life, we cannot always work.

We can’t always juggle multiple responsibilities, stick to a specific schedule, and walk on eggshells. Although it may seem that we need to work constantly to accomplish our goals, we need to remember that our bodies are not machines. We’re not meant to work endlessly, fulfilling tons of expectations. So, we shouldn’t treat ourselves like robots.

So if you start your shift today and feel overwhelmed, remember to show yourself kindness and take a break for relaxation. Go out, walk around, and enjoy the surroundings.

After all, life is too short to always work in misery.

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