Will He Ever Come Back? 13 Ways to Tell

When a relationship falls apart, it’s normal for one person to feel devastated. If you still love the person, you may often ask yourself, “Will he ever come back?” The question conveys the hope that you still have for your future together.

A romantic relationship between two partners usually looks and sounds easy. After all, it’s just the union between two individuals. Nonetheless, it can be difficult when it appears the two partners aren’t headed towards the same purpose or goal.

You may not be sure whether he wasn’t ready for a relationship or is not ready to commit. Importantly, you may want to know, “Will he come back when he’s ready to commit?” or “Is he ready for a relationship?” These may confuse you further and add to your stress.

Therefore, this article aims to show you how to know if he will come back to you or how to know if he’s not ready to commit.

Will he come back when he is ready for a relationship?

To begin with, if a man breaks up with you, it only means he sees no possibility of the relationship going far. It could also mean that he isn’t happy in the relationship. Don’t get it wrong here as the reason for the breakup may have nothing to do with you.

Will he come back if I give him space? Maybe, maybe not. Remember that you may not have control over the situation.

For instance, the guy could be dealing with personal issues of his own, making it impossible to focus on you. In that case, you both are not on the same page, and the best would be to leave the relationship. And please don’t blame yourself for it.

It is okay to feel frustrated at this point, wondering if he will ever come back to you. You may also want to know if you see signs he is not ready for the relationship but are scared to accept them.

The best way to tackle the situation is to know the reason for your partner’s decisions. You should figure out what exactly could make him lose faith in the relationship or you.

Since your partner might be going through personal issues, you should devise a means to help him or show support. Significantly, it would help improve your life and be a better person.

“Will he come around?” Focusing on questions like this can sometimes be distracting. You will do yourself a favor if you focus on solving the problem and helping yourself instead.

Will he ever come back? 13 ways to tell

Relationships are complicated and sometimes, it seems easier to walk away from them when one is questioning things. But there is a possibility of reconsidering the breakup once there is a chance to process their emotions.

When your partner walks away from the relationship, it can make you wonder will he ever come back? But here are some telltale signs that can help you figure out whether there is a chance that he will return to you:

1. He says he loves you

When breaking up, your partner will come up with all sorts of explanations and excuses for deciding to leave the relationship. If your partner mentions that he loves you after the breakup, then there is a chance that he loves you. However, he’s not ready to commit.

Will he ever come back? Yes, if he loves you.

Research shows that expressions of love play a significant role in romantic love. It showcases positivity and attachment in the relationship, which may make it difficult for him to stay away from you.

2. He checks up on you constantly

Friends do check up on each other, so it is not strange if your ex says hello once in a while. However, if it becomes too frequent, you may have an answer to the question, “will he ever come back?” In fact, it might be yes, after all.

Partners who regret leaving a relationship find it hard to let go completely. They may not see you often to see how you are doing. But they use other means, such as social media platforms or going through your friends to see how you are coping.

3. He tries to contact you

One of the signs that he is not ready for a relationship is when your partner cuts you off totally after a breakup. However, if your ex tries to contact you repeatedly after the breakup, there is a chance he still wants you back.

It’s sometimes confusing that someone who ended the relationship would want it back. However, the truth is he wasn’t ready for a relationship then. He might have realized his mistakes and wanted to make amends.

If he tries to contact you directly or through your friends, your ex is simply trying to win you over again.

4. He wants to know about your current relationship

Will he ever come back if I give him space? To answer this question, your ex must show some signs. He might have shown signs he is not ready for a relationship, but if he wants to know about your love life, he may be trying to come back.

One way to tell if he will ever come back is if he makes inquiries from your friends. Also, he may stalk you on social media platforms, being the first to like your posts, and so on.

5. He asks a lot of questions

Will he ever come back? Well, that depends on how much he wants to know about you and your life.

Although you no longer have that connection, you may notice your ex asks you many questions. The questions may go beyond your current relationship to your well-being, lifestyle, loved ones, work-life, and so on.

In most cases, an ex-partner would only want to know about your well-being. Anything more than this indicates he still has some feelings for you. Therefore, it’s normal to ask, “Will he come back when he’s ready for a relationship?”

6. He wants to see you

This part is where many people get surprised and confused. Is he ready for a relationship if he wants to meet up, or will he come back when he’s ready to commit?

What could someone who ended the relationship possibly want to see you for? These and many questions will clog your mind, but you shouldn’t become too stressed about it. Your ex’s desire to see you is a positive sign for the relationship.

Nonetheless, know that you are still not partners. Be open-minded to whatever he has to say.

7. He still calls you endearing names

The truth is if your previous partner still calls you some names he used while you were in the relationship, there may be some hope that he will come back to you. Again, people break up for many reasons, and it could be that he wasn’t interested in the relationship then.

Nicknames in relationships point at a healthy bond between two people. It indicates that your ex still feels connected to you and hasn’t moved on yet.

In your conversation after the breakup, if he calls you names like “darling” or other personalized nicknames, he may likely come back.

8. He is still concerned

One of the signs he is not ready for a relationship is if he relates with you like any other person or acquaintances. While he is not ready to commit to a relationship, if your ex shows genuine concern when you tell him some things, that’s the green light that he still wants you.

Wondering will he come around? It can. For instance, if you tell him you were involved in an accident, and he insists on coming over, that means he may come back.

9. He sends you gifts

Gifts are one of the ways we show we care about the other person. However, when a relationship ends, sending and receiving gifts stops. If your ex wants to return, he will likely go back to this old habit of sending gifts.

A present is likely to make you ask, “Is he ready for a relationship?” But research shows that gift-giving makes a difference in the survival of a relationship. It might be his way of reinfusing magic into your relationship.

10. He brings up old memories

Once you have accepted that your relationship is over, some signs might make you ask, “Will he ever come back?” One example is when your ex brings up an old memory you both had together.

For example, he might remind you of the location where you had your first date. That is enough to make you ask, “Is he ready for a relationship now?”

11. He says he misses you

It is challenging for someone who decided to leave the relationship to admit that they miss you. If your ex-lover admits he misses you, then there is a chance he wants to have you back. That is one way to know if he will come back to you.

12. He still cares about you

Care comes in different ways. It may be through support, gifts, or words. Whichever way you see it, if your ex still shows you he cherishes you, he may want the relationship back.

Will he come back when he’s ready to commit? He will if he still cares about you deeply and holds you in high regard.

13. He invites you to an event

Your ex’s invitation to an occasion is enough to make you question will he ever come back or is he ready for a relationship. Therefore, if this is your case, brace up for your ex who might be accessing your old partnership.

Should you wait for a guy to be ready for a relationship?

The hardest part when he is not ready to commit is waiting. You aren’t sure if it will take some months or years. The uncertainty caused by this can be pretty devastating and frustrating.

If your partner had shown he wasn’t ready for a relationship before but suddenly starts showing interest, it may be best to ask him. He may be ready in two months or six or a year. You cannot be sure until he says so himself.

To avoid getting overworked, you should ask him yourself. Let him know how you feel and what his intentions are. If he still asks you to wait, you can assess if you are comfortable with it.

However, don’t ever feel guilty for leaving if you feel worn out. You have your life to live, and no one should get in the way of that for whatever reason.

Is it wise to wait for someone to be ready for a relationship?

Absolutely! Everyone deserves a second chance, including your ex that left. One of the reasons he might have left could be that he wasn’t ready for a relationship mentally. It could also mean he’s not ready to commit. That is quite normal, and in fact, they did you a favor by leaving.

Once you know why your ex left, you can try your best to help them out and wait patiently. Nonetheless, if you ever get tired of the wait that is beginning to affect your life, you can move on with your life.

What compels a man to come back in a relationship?

There are many reasons a man would want to come back to a relationship he ended himself. The reasons may be related to his feelings towards you, or they may have to do with other things in his life.

It may be confusing when your man has walked away from the relationship. Confusion can take over! It can make you question yourself and question will he ever come back. But there are still chances that he may return to you.

Some of the reasons are:

  • He hasn’t found someone like you.
  • He has no interest in other women.
  • He has settled the problems that were distracting him from the relationship.
  • He suddenly realizes what he will be missing out on if you are not in his life.
  • He wasn’t sure of his decisions.
  • He feels guilty about the way the relationship ended.


A relationship can feel like the most arduous task in life when your partner suddenly leaves because he is not ready for a relationship or is not ready to commit. This situation often brings questions like, “Will he come back when he’s ready for a relationship?”

You really can’t tell the answers to these questions until you start seeing some of the signs listed above. Regardless, it is pretty essential to put your mind at rest. Waiting for anything, especially someone you don’t want a relationship with, is the hardest.

The best is to go for counseling or read up on ways to deal with the situation. Remember, your mental health comes first. When your ex is ready, he will come back willingly to you.

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