World’s most famous fashion designer Crisda Rodriguez wrote this article before she died of cancer

“1. I had the world’s most expensive car brand in my garage but now I’m traveling in a wheelchair.

2. My house is full of all kinds of designers clothing, shoes and valuables. But my body is wrapped in a small sheet of cloth provided by the hospital.

3. There is enough money in the bank. But now I’m not benefiting from that money.

4. My house is like a palace but I’m laying in a double size bed in a hospital.

5. I can go from five star hotel to another five star hotel. But now I’m spending time moving from lab to lab in hospital.

6. I signed hundreds of people. Doctor’s note today is my signature.

7. I had seven jewelry to decorate my hair – now I don’t have hair on my head.

8. With a private jet, I can fly wherever I want. But now I need two people’s help to get to the hospital patio.

9. Although there are many foods, but my diet has two tablets a day and a few drops of salt at n


  1. Anonymous says

    May her doul rest in Perfect Peace.

  2. VIP LeatherWorld says

    May her Soul rest in Peace. Whenver death knocks the door of life, everything in life is worthless and bocomes Vanitiy upon Vanity, all is vanity. Live your life fullfiled and continue to do good to people in needs.

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