Yolo star Galle-Ansah set to open dance class

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The dance culture in Ghana is immensely growing. For many its just the fun of it that attracts them.

For Yolo star, Evelyn Akwamoa Ansah popularly known as Galle-Ansah, it is more than just fun. Its a way to grow one’s confidence and also “a shortcut to happiness”.

The actress has opened a class dubbed ‘Dance With Galle’ that not only teaches participants on everything about dance but also train people in a dance genre of their choice.

Miss Galle-Ansah stated, that there is so much to explore in the world of dance, unfortunately, very few people know about it.

“I’ve realized how much I had benefited from dance, psychologically, health-wise and physically. I love its therapeutic nature,” she added.

She revealed that the Dance With Galle’s journey began in school while majoring in dance and minoring in sociology (the study of society).

The two gave her the opportunity to view dance differently and blend them so well.

She bewailed the limitations of dance to music videos and jumping on stage.

She stated that “as a dancer, you can work as a physiotherapist in clinics, be a content and concept creator, a choreographer, fitness coach, dance researcher, travel and tourism etc.”

To understand some people’s culture, one has to sometimes learn their dance first, she added.

“I’ve discovered there’s so much power in dance, which is why I want to be part of the dance world to share with the rest of the world.”

Dance with Galle offers dance enthusiasts, dancers, amateurs and others who want to learn dance professionally, the forum and platform to do so.

African contemporary dance, Neo-Traditional dances, hip hop, popular dance are some of the dances Miss Galle-Ansah teaches in her dance class.

Dance With Galle offers fitness classes known as dance therapy and also teaches choreography to all sexes, and ages.

Miss Galle-Ansah explained that many people are blind to the health benefits of dancing. She stated that participants who are interested in keeping fit can kill two birds with one stone by joining the dance class.

Dance With Galle

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