Be accurate, ethical – Cameron Duodo to Journalists

Source The Ghana Report/Gloria Kafui Ahiable

Veteran journalist, Cameron Duodo, has admonished practicing journalists to be objective and accurate in their reportage insisting that news reportage must remain factual and not to fulfill a set agenda.

According to Cameron Duodo, the significance of accuracy and objectivity in journalism cannot be overemphasized stressing that it is the key to professionalism.

Speaking at the 13th Congregation ceremony of the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra on Saturday, Mr. Duodo stressed, it is a reporter’s job to state the facts and do all the proper background checks before coming out with a story.

He recounts an incident in which Ghana’s First President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, drew the attention of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) to a story in which a newscaster had said that a dam was inaugurated at Kosombo instead of Akosombo.

“You cannot hide when your work is written, you do not know who is reading it outside,” he said.

Mr. Duodo is urging journalists to broaden their horizon by learning about happenings around the world to shape and cultivate distinct writing styles.

A total of 1,290 students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism graduated on Saturday. Of the number, 821 students had successfully passed through the process for the award of a degree while 469 had been passed for Diploma certificates.

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