Final nail in the coffin

If you justify the mess queens shall expose you. By becoming the latest victims on the streak of losses they have rendered apologies intolerable.

After the male senior national football team, the Black Stars failed miserably in AFCON 2023 hosted by the Ivory Coast, capping an ignominious 40+ years journey without the title, and the junior sides lost their luster and got missing from the international scene, and all of Ghana’s club sides became whipping boys on the continent, evidence of the tasteless domestic football league, the Queens of Ghana have exposed the meretricious nature of football in Ghana following their home defeat to Zambia on 23rd February 2023.

Nowhere cool for the FA. It is like the fate of the one destined to fall. Such a person is unable to cling to any of the saviour branches on the tree as the chimpanzee cheekily does by hopping from one branch on a tree to another.

The quick fixes have exploded and their debris landed on the skins of the managers, marking out a long chain of persons connected to the pulse which is petering away to a full stop.

Every step of the way sinking in the sands.

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