Ghana Branded Ambulance Found In Dubai Is Not For Sale – Ambulance Service

The Ghana National Ambulance Service has refuted suggestions that one of the country’s ambulances has been shipped to Dubai for sale.

A viral video circulating on social media captures two Ghanaians purported to be in Dubai, who stumbled on an ambulance for sale bearing the coat of arms of Ghana and the emblem of the Ghana National Ambulance Service.


However, the Ghana National Ambulance has reacted to the claims, indicating that the vehicle spotted in the video was part of 26 Toyota Hiace vehicles that the service had purchased.

“It is therefore not true that the ambulance is there for sale,” a statement released on Monday, May 29, signed by Mr Simmons Yussif Kewura, Deputy Director, Public Relations, explained.

The release indicated that the “said ambulance is found on the premises of the company, which is manufacturing the ambulances”.
The Ghana National Ambulance added, “the manufacturing processes are over, and very soon, the ambulances will be shipped into Ghana”.

26 Toyota Hiace Deluxe Ambulances

It will be recalled that the Auditor-General’s report on Covid-19 had revealed that the Ministry of Health (MoH) entered into a US$4,049,460.12 agreement for the purchase of 26 Toyota Hiace Deluxe Ambulances in December 2021, but the ambulances were never delivered.

Details of the report revealed that a total of US$607,419.02 out of US$4,049,460.12 was paid for the ambulances to be delivered by January 15, 2022,

However, no ambulance had been delivered as of November 28, 2022.

According to the report, the chief director explained that the supplier applied for an extension to meet some technical specifications by the World Bank.

Below is the statement from the Ghana National Ambulance Service:

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  1. Nana says

    The videograohers were not smart enough. At least they should have known the bus brands used as ambulances in Ghana. NDCfo) de3333 ooo daabi

    Gyimie saaaa

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