Here are the regions that could make or break the NPP and the NDC in the 2024 elections

Source The Ghana Report

Ghanaians will be going to the polls to elect the sixth President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana along with 275 Members of Parliament to perform legislative functions on Saturday, December 7, 2024.

Although there are many political parties in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) and the National Democratic Congress(NDC) have been the major parties steering the nation’s affairs for a considerable part of the Fourth Republic.

The interesting aspect of the election is that some regions consistently vote for either NPP or NDC, which has been repetitive.

The Ashanti, Eastern, and Western regions are well-known as NPP strongholds, while the Volta and Northern regions are notable NDC strongholds.

However, regions like the Greater Accra, the Central, and Brong Ahafo (now divided into Bono, Ahafo and Bono East regions) are considered swing regions since they favour both NPP and NDC depending on the situation.

Even before the Electoral Commission (EC) declaration of presidential election results, citizens can predict which party will receive more votes in those regions.

Indeed, “history repeats itself,” as Karl Marx, the German philosopher and political theorist, once said.

Every four years, the votes across the country indicate that some regions are hooked to NPP or NDC.

Despite the ‘skirt and blouse’ voting policy where the electorate votes for the presidential candidate of one party and a parliamentary candidate for another party, the reflection of the entire results clearly shows that there are some regions that consistently vote for either NPP or NDC.

A reference to statistical data on the 2020 regional distribution of presidential votes in Ghana reflects the NPP and the NDC strongholds.

The story of the outcome of the 2020 general election is not different from the previous elections but presents a different twist after the introduction of six new regions, totalling 16 across the country.

Below is the results of the last elections in 2020.

Ashanti Region
NPP -71.6%
NDC – 26.1%

Bono Region
NPP- 58.2%
NDC – 40.4%

Ahafo Region
NPP – 55.1%
NDC – 44.2%

Bono East Region
NPP – 44.3%
NDC – 54.7%

Central Region
NPP – 52.7%
NDC – 45.9%

Eastern Region
NPP – 60.5%
NDC – 38.5%

Greater Accra Region
NPP – 48.1%
NDC – 51%

North East Region
NPP- 51.4%
NDC – 47%

Northern Region
NPP- 46.1%
NDC – 52.9%

Oti Region
NPP – 35.7%
NDC – 62.8%

Savannah Region
NPP- 35.2%
NDC – 63%

Upper East Region
NPP -34.4%
NDC – 63.3%

Upper West Region
NPP- 29.9%
NDC – 67.4%

Volta Region
NPP – 14.1%
NDC – 84.8%

Western Region
NPP – 51%
NDC – 46.2%

Western North Region
NPP- 45%
NDC – 53.6%


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