I Don’t Regret Campaigning For NPP – Kalybos

Ghanaian comedian Richard Kweku Asante, known as Kalybos, has said he doesn’t regret campaigning for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In an interview, the comedian stated that his decision to campaign for the political party never affected his career.

“No regret. That’s the thing with me. I didn’t put any career on the line. As I said, it was for a motive, and that’s what I wanted to see flourish. It didn’t dent any of my works,” he said.

However, Kalybos stated that his intention to campaign for the NPP was because he felt most of their policies would help ease the burden of Ghanaians, especially the Free SHS policy.

“I went ahead to campaign for the NPP because of certain policies that helped me,” he stated.

According to him, even though he doesn’t have a biological child yet, he was responsible for paying fees for others every academic year.

“You will understand if you pay school fees. Even when I had not given birth, I was being bombarded with fees every September from family. I felt if this could help me, I would rather help it to be sustained.” he explained.

The comedian added that although he did not receive money from the political party, their policies have helped him to save money for other ventures.

“No, I was not paid. I was going in for the policies. And it helped because, since that policy was implemented, I could now save money and enter it into different projects.”


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