Kill worldly desires to serve God, humanity – Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission advises Ghanaians

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, has encouraged Ghanaians to avoid lifestyles that do not bring glory to Allah.

The Islamic movement wants the public rather dedicate their lives to Allah and serve humanity to the best of their abilities.

In an interview with The Ghana Report on Tuesday, 20 July 2021, after the Eid ul-Adha prayers at Swedru, the Mangoase Zonal Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Maulvi Abu Basher Donkoh, noted that the celebration serves as a reminder to Muslims and all Ghanaians to be sacrificial at all times.

He explained that though the sacrifice is often unto to Allah, the most important sacrifice was for one to give up worldly comforts in place of heavenly pleasures.

He, therefore, urged the youth, in particular, to ‘slaughter’ their inner self by avoiding ego, selfish desires, and satanic influences, which inhibit them from being wholly devoted to Allah.

“They (the youth) must be willing to offer with selfless devotion, everything they love and cherish to attain the pleasure of God and to serve humanity at large, with a deep sense of compassion and true love,” he said.

“Evils, which cast darkness over our hearts are a weight that holds us down, and until our evil inclinations and love for the world do not subside completely, we cannot move towards God, nor can we find the light that leads us to the threshold of our Lord,” Maulvi Donkoh added.

He recounted the sacrifice made by Abraham and explained that the fulfilment of the dream he had was not to slaughter his son, Ishmael, physically.

Rather, the instruction to slaughter Ishmael was “metaphoric in nature, and a symbolic expression of the deeper sacrifice which God wanted from the father and son,” he said.

In his view, the true aim of the act was for Abraham to instil in his son “the slaughtering of the inner self” because such qualities would make him a true servant of Allah.

He also cautioned the youth against engaging themselves in activities that do not have any significance with the purpose of celebrating the Eid.

Some Muslims at the forecourt of the National Mosque of Ghana Complex to celebrate Eid ul-Adha

Sacrifice to humanity and nation dominates Eid ul-Adha messages

Similar sacrificial calls to serve humanity and the country dominated the messages that characterised the celebration of the Eid ul-Adha across the country.

In his Eid message, President Akufo-Addo asked Ghanaians to be motivated by the sacrifice made by Ibrahim.

He urged Ghanaians to make such an act “spur us on to sacrifice for the progress and prosperity of our country.”

He added that “sacrificing for our country means giving off our best in our various areas of endeavour, and making the national interest paramount in whatever we do.”

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Similarly, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and former President John Dramani Mahama encouraged Ghanaians to sacrifice and give back to humanity.

The two leaders made this call through a post on their Facebook walls on Tuesday, July 20.

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