Madness, Death And The Dark Secrets Of ‘Kayanmata’ That Nobody Is Talking About

Source The Ghana Report

Claimed to be a  potent sex enhancer among users, ‘kayanmata’ has generated an electric mix of feelings among women and men on the concept of sex and intimacy.

‘Kayanmata’, literally interpreted as ‘women things’ from the Hausa language, is a generic name for a range of aphrodisiacs. As women have ‘kayanmata’, men have ‘maganinmaza’ – ‘men things’.

‘Kayanmata’ products range from vagina sweeteners and tighteners to faithfulness and libido boosters made from oils, herbs, spices, tree roots and creams.

These were originally used by brides in ancient times to spice their love life and marriage.

However, these have metamorphosed into charms, spiritual potions, and other preparations to find favour and attract men.

The men who fall prey are said to fall head over heels and spiritually enslaved as the woman milks him of his wealth.

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In modern times, ladies do not hold back as they openly confess to using ‘kayanmata’ with the goal of siphoning the victims’ money victims.

Nigeria’s Big Brother Titans (BBT) housemate Nana was one of such ladies who claimed to have attracted senators by this method while interacting with her other housemates.


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Unsurprisingly, advertisements of such products have flooded social media, with ladies swarming like bees to buy and add these ‘kayanmata’ items to their arsenals in the quest for quick wealth.

In April 2023, social media sensation Hajia Bintu was compelled to apologize after a huge backlash following her open claims about  ‘kanyanmata’ to lure men.


Beads, oils, powder, and other products are used for the preparation of potions.


Bambi (not her real name) is an Instagram vendor of ‘kayanmata’ products.

She claims to sell sexual enhancers that will need her clients to sacrifice a white ram on their birthdays and mix a small volume of the ram’s blood with a special soap she sells.

She instructs her clients to cut the meat into 101 pieces, fry it with red oil and give it to people or street beggars.

According to her, that is the only sacrifice a customer must make to ensure the ‘kayanmata’ works effectively for men to spend huge sums of money and lavish the client with expensive gifts.

The ritual must be performed annually.


Blue eye bracelet

Responding to a question by a netizen on what the consequence would be if a customer fails to sacrifice a ram, “Nothing, You’re safe. Just that, the flow of the money would go down,” she replied.

“This work is 100% safe. No repercussions, nothing,” she added.

Spiritually fortified waist beads for attracting men.


In a series of interviews with The Ghana Report, some vendors and users of ‘kayanmata’ revealed the damning effects of these products on its users or the victims.

On Saturday, June 10, 2023, The Ghana Report caught up with Ruthy Toosweet, a popular vendor at the Madina market in Accra.

According to her, the ‘kayanmata’ she sells are natural herbs, but “some ladies go to the extent of fortifying themselves spiritually in combination with ‘kayanmata’ to make them enjoy financial favours from men and eventually use their sexual appeal to drain men of their money”.

“Some men who patronize ladies, especially hook-up girls, also fortify themselves spiritually, so when these two groups of individuals meet, they can have serious issues. Depending on who is spiritually strong between the two,  the weaker person can die, go mad, or for the ladies, instead of attracting wealthy men, they will only attract mad men”.

Spiritual Kayanmaya Products
Spiritual Kayanmaya Products


Another ‘kayanmata’ vendor at the Mallam Atta market, Abena Abaadedeede, corroborated the claims made by Ruthy Toosweet.

According to her, when consequences such as madness befall ‘kayanmata’ users, only God can save the victims.

Usually, they would have to seek the source of the ‘kayanmata’ or the spiritual fortification for redress, but in most situations, it is almost impossible for the victims to return to normalcy.

When the source is untraceable, the victim will remain mad until she dies, she revealed.


Blue eye bracelet. Source: BBC

In the quest to dig deeper into ‘kayanmata’ issues, The Ghana Report found a former vendor of love potions and spiritual charms.

She explained that the original ‘kayanmata’ was made of herbs and roots and used to enhance sexual pleasure.

However, it has escalated to levels of spirituality and blood sacrifices; hence the youth should be cautious because “in this life, there’s no free lunch”.

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“The vendors of these modern-day ‘kayanmata’ products will try everything to make you buy their products, but to the best of my knowledge, anything that ends up manipulating people to do favours for you is not right and will end in misery. Flee from every form of so-called ‘kayanmata’ products that will need you to sacrifice any kind of blood, be it human or animal, it is a fetish, and you might end up dying, going mad, or attracting the worst things in life,” she cautioned.

Various accounts of the consequences seem to point to the fact that all is not rosy in the world of ‘kayanmata’ users, as many have poured out devastating ordeals and life-threatening experiences.

Many were oblivious to the consequences of the products and are now trapped in an unbreakable chain.

Dolly is a young lady who acquired a ‘kanyanmata’ package after being convinced by a female friend to get her out of financial difficulties.

Several months after using the product, she regrets taking that path as she shared her story online with Silent Beads. After recounting her experience and getting to a point which seems like no return, she needs redemption from the ring and beads before it is too late but the vendor who gave her the items does not know the source to reverse the consequences.






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