Stepmother inflicts hot water wounds on 8-year-old stepson

8-year-old Ehornam Mattson has been forced by his stepmother Lencia Akompi popularly called Maa Yaa, to sit in hot water, which has resulted in open wounds on his buttocks.

The incident happened at Abokobi in the Greater Accra region.

It is reported that the little boy had complained of itches on his buttocks to his stepmother. She then forced him to sit on the hot water as a means of treatment.

He can only lie flat on his belly to eat according to his real mother, Florence, who was once married to Ehornam’s father, Frederick Mattson.

According to her, she allowed her two boys to stay with their father and stepmother as a result of hardship.

“Due to financial constraints, my former husband, with whom I had three children—a girl and two boys—requested that I bring the boys to stay with him and his wife so he can take care of them.

“I never wanted to agree because I knew the current wife was a wicked woman, but I had no choice because I didn’t have money at the time, so I agreed for them to live with them, where he enrolled them in school around December 2022,” she narrated.

Even after inflicting pain on the boy, they (the father and the stepmother) initially wanted to keep it a secret from Florence, Ehornam’s mother, but according to her, something kept prompting her to see her children and after several efforts, she was finally given the address to their school.

“They never wanted me to come closer to the children or even speak to them on the phone. After giving them pressure, the father then showed me the school he enrolled them in,” she said.

When asked if she had reported it to the police, she said, “Yes, I have reported it to the DOVVSU (Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit), and they told me to bring a medical report from the hospital where he was treated first, which is Ridge Hospital, but they are demanding GH₵500 from me.”

“I couldn’t pay it, so now I can no longer find justice because I am poor,” she cried,

The issue, according to Miss Florence, happened about two months ago, but the wound is still fresh.



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