The Inside Story: University of Ghana law lecturer murdered in East Legon mansion

An Associate Professor at the University of Ghana Faculty of Law, Prof.  Emmanuel Yaw Benneh,  has been killed in his East Legon residence.

He was found dead in his home Saturday morning. He was believed to have been murdered on Thursday night.

But police picked up his body from his East Legon home on Saturday.

Prof.  Benneh had retired from the university but worked on contract and lived alone in his mansion at East Legon, not far from American House.

There was no sign of a break-in.

When theghanareport.com’s Manasseh Azure Awuni visited the house on Saturday, a sister of the deceased was wailing uncontrollably.

However, one Isaac Botchway, who said he was the late law professor’s houseboy said the last time he spoke to him was on Thursday at about 8 pm.

Mr Botchway said he lived in Accra Central and Mr Benneh normally called him whenever he needed him to run errands for him.

“I called him the next day, but he did not respond. The gardener came to work this morning and when he did not find any sign of him, he knocked at his door but there was no response,” Isaac Botchway told Manasseh.

“The gardener then went to inform his [Prof Benneh’s] sister who does not live far away from the house. They went for a carpenter to force the door open,” he continued.

“When the door was forced open, he was found dead,” he said.

His hands and legs were all tied, and his body was found in a pool of blood between the bedroom and the living room.

There were signs of a struggle in the room prior to his death.

Although the crime scene has been cleaned, there were splashes of blood on the floor.

There is no sign in the house that the door was broken into or there a forced entry through the window.

According to the houseboy, it appeared the person who killed him was granted access to the room.

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“There are two keys to the room. He [Prof. Benneh] has one key and I have the other. It’s the gardener who has a key to the main gate,” he said.

“As you can see, the lock has not been broken into. They say a carpenter was brought in to break into the room before they found the body, but there is no sign that this lock was touched.”

Manasseh reports that the lock was still intact and there was no any scratch indicating that a carpenter’s tool had forced the door open.

Mr. Botchway suspects that whoever killed the late professor might be known to him and might have been granted access to the room by the late professor.

“I want to see that carpenter and ask him how he managed to break into the room without any trace,” he said.

A neighbour who gave his name as Kwame said on Thursday night, a truck came to deliver some goods at Prof. Benneh’s house and he [Kwame] helped in unloading the goods.

That was the last time he saw him.

The body has been conveyed to the Police Hospital while the police begin investigations into the murder.














  1. Anonymous says

    Our safety is not assured.

  2. Anonymous says

    You and who? Nonesense!! A murder case and you jump to conclusion like this.

  3. Anonymous says

    How sad!

  4. Anonymous says

    Trouble times

  5. Anonymous says

    Ghanaian must be aware that killers now smart using ‘bump key’ selling in Amazon.it can open any manual key except ‘smart keys’ i think And orignal key xould be suplicate as well my any person who has access to the key-duplicate can be cut but simple implant both side of the key on ‘keysoap bar and given to any ‘key cutter’.like i said ‘hit-squard’ in the country media should investigate..

  6. Anonymous says

    Textual errors pls.

  7. Paul Adams says

    Wow… This is Very Sad… I believe the culprit is a very close relation to him, The Police should first start with his Family then find out if he has any girlfriend who often visits him. Then trace it down to His Business partners and Associates

  8. Kolaiah Acquah says

    Soo sad. Aww Ghana!

  9. Anonymous says

    The guy who helps on errands, the gardener and carpenter should all be investigated as well as his colleagues at work.

  10. Anonymous says

    Living alone at this age in such a huge mansion is dangerous. We ought to look at our family support systems and how we can keep good company at such an advanced age.
    It is sad that he could have died on Thursday and discovered on Saturday….

  11. Kofi says

    So till date the police haven’t found the killers of this man yet his house is being used by others for photo shoot . Woooowww!!

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