Top 10 accident-prone areas in Accra

In recent times, the lives of approximately 2,000 productive people are cut short annually due to road traffic crashes.

The alarming rate has inched up with the current trend suggesting an all-time high by year-end.

A total of 2,589 lives were lost to road crashes in 2020, the highest since 1991, according to data from the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) and the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA).

The first quarter of 2021 has already posted 771 fatalities, an increase of almost 50% within the same period in 2020.

This figure also exceeds COVID-19 deaths at the peak of the pandemic in 2020.

To put it in perspective, close to nine people die daily.

Looking at the bigger picture, a total of  51,157 people have been killed in road accidents since 1991.

That is twice and half of the full capacity of the  Essipong Sports Stadium at Takoradi.

Over the years, certain areas have been noted for particularly high fatalities and crashes.

Greater Accra, Ashanti, and the Eastern Regions dominate road fatalities due to the dense population and many vehicles.

The death of two persons at Tesano and three other fatalities at the 37 Lorry Station area on April 14 was not surprising as both areas are top spots for horrific crashes.

As the battle to curb road accident continues, theghanareport.com brings you a list of the most dangerous areas in Accra.

Therefore, it would be best to exercise extra caution at these places as a motorist or pedestrian.

The ranking is based on the total number of reported accidents in 2020 under the various police jurisdictions in Accra.

According to the data, Airport tops the chart, followed by Adenta and Odorkor, respectively.

Below is the ranking


#1 Airport

It is not a surprise that the most recent accident that claimed three lives occurred within this jurisdiction.

Three innocent persons died on April 14 after they were knocked down by a car engaged in a racing competition at the 37 Lorry Station area in Accra.

The incident occurred at about 8:30 PM on Wednesday, April 14, the same day two persons lost their lives in an accident at Tesano in Accra, making it 17 deaths within two days.

The Airport residential, one of the plush areas in Accra, recorded  533 accidents, out of which 41 resulted in fatalities.

The major road in this police jurisdiction is the stretch from the 37 Military Hospital to the Accra Mall.

This area is one of the busiest places in the country as it hosts the only international airport in Ghana.

Some areas lack street lights, and motorists are also noted for jumping red lights.

Commercial transport operators at the 37 Lorry Station have complained about private car drivers turning the streets into racing tracks at night.

Source: theghanareport.com, with data from MTTD, NRSC

#2 Adenta

It has one of the busiest highways connecting Accra to parts of the Eastern Region. A total of 419 accidents were recorded, with 21 leading to fatalities in the last year.

It would be recalled numerous accidents resulted in riots in 2018 at the Adenta barrier when a Senior High School student was knocked down and killed by a speeding vehicle.

Even after the footbridge was constructed, the residents turn a blind eye to the structure and continue to cross the highway.

Source: theghanareport.com, with data from MTTD, NRSC
Source: theghanareport.com, with data from MTTD, NRSC

The residents, who could no longer keep count of the number of persons killed on that stretch, demanded that footbridges be constructed on the highway to reduce the knockdowns.

If you live along this stretch, do well to make good use of the footbridge provided to avoid being a casualty.

Any user of the Madina-Adenta Highway will tell you that it is a dangerous road. One that is filled with many hazards. Whether it is Okada rider, faded road markings, unmarked routes, you have to keep your eyes open to be alive.


#3 Odorkor

This area is one of the busiest in the nation’s capital. It came third with 374 accidents, with 34 leading to deaths for the 2020 period.

It is also notorious for commercial riders who have little respect for road traffic regulations.

The influx of okada riders has worsened the accident situation as they flout traffic regulations with impunity.

Part of the N1 Road, the Mallam Interchange, and Kwashieman are under this police jurisdiction.

Any attempt to dodge the numerous potholes could lead to a crash. Motorists also flout road regulations at will.

#4 Tesano

This area came fourth with 286 crashes, with 42 of the accidents claiming numerous lives.

Readers can readily recall the death of two people after a commercial vehicle (trotro) rammed into a broken-down truck on Wednesday, April,14,2020.

The trailer driver failed to place any sign indicating that his vehicle had broken down, according to eyewitnesses.

The trotro driver, on top speed, could not see the stationary truck, which carries a Togolese number plate, resulting in the crash.

The driver of the trotro and another occupant were reported dead.

The alarming figures are concentrated along the Circle- Achimota -Ofankor highway.

It also caters to the notorious N1 Road, where pedestrians cross the expressway with no regard for personal safety. Countless people have been knocked down at Abeka, Lapaz, Las Palmas, and Nii Boi Town junction crossings.

Many of you who ply this stretch of town can attest that both drivers and pedestrians often fail to comply with road safety regulations.

On this road are some of the ills of road transport in Ghana—faded road markings and broken down traffic lights, and careless driving.

#5 Kaneshie

Number five on the list is Kaneshie which houses the popular Kaneshie market. Kaneshie serves as a hub for most passengers, including those heading to Cape Coast, Takoradi, Tarkwa, Elubo, etc.

It recorded 264 accidents, with 11 of the crashes claiming several lives.

Anywhere you put a market, add commercial vehicles and Okada rider, one thing is likely to happen—accidents.

Commercial vehicles have taken over parts of the road, and trotro drivers stop carelessly in the middle of the roads to offload and pick passengers.

#6 Amasaman

The Amasaman area is next with 255 crashes. Fatalities were recorded out of 17 of the crashes.

Amasaman connects to several places outside the capital, Accra, and notorious for broken down cars in the middle and shoulders of the road.

Road rages are common as drivers try every means to outdo each other leading to avoidable accidents.

It is the main route for road users from Accra heading to Kumasi, Tamale, Burkina Faso, etc., and one of the busiest for long-journey travellers.

#7 Kpeshie

Teshie and its environs are within the jurisdiction which connects Tema and Accra.

In the last year, 246 accidents were recorded here, and several people lost their lives in 13 fatal crashes.

The Labadi-Teshie beach road is notable for several crashes resulting in major and minor injuries.

The stretch has several beaches which are filled with revellers during festivities and holidays.

COVID-19 and a ban on beach operations, however, have reduced activities in the last year.

An accident on the beach road on Jan 1, 2021
An accident on the beach road on Jan 1, 2021

#8 Nima

Nima occupied the eighth position among areas with the highest road accidents.

There were 139 crashes, with 16 claiming precious lives.

Nima has arguably the highest human to motorcycle ratio in Accra.

Apart from that, the Nima and Kanda highways also have many reckless drivers who drive beyond the limits in this densely populated area.

A motorcycle rider died on the spot after crashing into a private vehicle on the Kanda Highway
A motorcycle rider died on the spot after crashing into a private vehicle on the Kanda Highway.

So watch left, right, and left again before you cross these roads. Don’t be an accident statistic.

#9 Dansoman

Mention this area, and we can find 1001 restaurants, pubs and grills. Dansoman placed ninth because of 228 reported accidents and 3 leading to death.

There are many cases of indiscipline, with many drivers opting for the shoulders of the road, jumping of red lights, and overspeeding.

Unauthorized routes and reckless overtaking are common due to constant traffic along some of the roads in this police jurisdiction.


#10 Weija

Weija made the top 10 because of 179 accidents, of which 11 resulted in deaths.

This area connects Accra to the Central Region, with the West Hills Mall located along the busy highway.

Unfortunately, sections of the main road do not have street lights, contributing to numerous crashes at night.

The rains have washed away parts of the tarred road with numerous potholes.

Faded road markings and also common along the stretch.

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