Viral TikTok Couple Empress Lupita And Godpapa The Greatest Arrested

The police have arrested viral Ghanaian TikTok couple Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest for their alleged involvement in the death of their two children.

Godpapa The Greatest was the founder of the True Faith Chapel and was formerly referred to as Pastor Dan.

A video of the arrest that has surfaced on the internet captured the moment the police stormed the couple’s house to arrest Godpapa The Greatest to assist in investigations.

In the video, Empress Lupita is heard in the background saying that the IGP is behind her husband’s arrest.

Godpapa The Greatest on the other hand, calmly agreed to go to the police station to assist in the launched investigations.

The arrest follows the revelation by the couple’s second child El Shaa in an interview with Kofi Adoma that his parents murdered his elder brother called El Waa.

According to the 8-year-old boy, his parents poisoned gari soakings for his late elder brother to eat, and when he ‘refused to die’, they dug the ground and buried him alive in their backyard.

He also disclosed that his mother and father sometimes defecate inside a bucket and later blend it to prepare “Evil soup” for them to eat with banku.

Meanwhile, Empress Lupita ‘admitted’ to killing one of her sons because he was possessed by evil spirits.

She claimed that her husband, Pastor Dan, aka Godpapa The Greatest, saw the boy’s future and said if they allowed him to live, he would give birth to more demons who would torment Ghana, so they ended up killing him and using him as a sacrifice.

Empress Lupita added that their action was right for Ghana because their son would have caused real trouble in the country.

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  1. Anonymous says

    A white man would always say if you want to give Africans wisdom put it in a book and they will never read. That’s why we will always be lacking knowledge
    All this trending on social media about this couples should tell us they are suffering mentally and need medical attention, financial support and prayed for that’s all. But we will entertain others out of it and interview which is not necessary… rather educating the mass on mental illnesses … thanks

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