We Must Equip Teachers To Deliver – Mahama

Source The Ghana Report

Former President John Dramani Mahama has assured that his next administration would equip teachers across the nation with the necessary tools to adapt to the evolving needs of Ghana’s education system.

He said this would ensure a brighter future of education for Ghana’s youth.

In a statement released on Thursday, October 5, to commemorate this year’s World Teachers Day, the NDC flagbearer emphasized the importance of enhancing teaching and learning for Ghana’s continued progress towards prosperity.

He underscored the pivotal role that teachers play in the country’s education system and stressed the necessity of providing them with the requisite resources, tools, support, and training to empower them to deliver high-quality education to Ghana’s youth.

“Improving teaching and learning must be a top priority for Ghana as we forge ahead towards a more prosperous future. Teachers are the backbone of our education system, and we must provide them with the resources, tools, support, and training to enable them to deliver good quality education to our children.”

“To this end, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) remains committed to investing in teacher education and professional development programmes.”

The former president said the NDC understood that well-trained and motivated teachers were the key to unlocking the full potential of students for which reason they aim to aim to equip teachers with the necessary tools and techniques to adapt to the evolving needs of our education system.

“We also recognize the importance of addressing teachers’ challenges, including the need for better remuneration and improved working conditions. Our pledge to Ghanaian teachers, on page 69 of our People’s Manifesto of 2020, remains true today. Education is a fundamental right, and every child in Ghana deserves equal access to quality education.”

“My administration will strengthen the implementation of the free SHS policy by investing in infrastructure, expanding access to educational resources, and improving the overall learning environment in our Senior High Schools,” Mr Mahama added.

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