Breaking the 8, the duopoly & the corruption

Which of the three breaks will breakout?

Source The Ghana Report

The electorate in Ghana is muted amid the fierce campaigning by political forces to win the 2024 polls and assume the reigns of government. The three major political traditions have mounted campaigns predicated on ”break” slogans.

The one most vocalized is ”Breaking the 8.” It is championed by the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP. The mantra of breaking the 8 is so heightened by the incumbent who is hell-bent on getting a third term in office to make history as the first political party to extend rule beyond 8 years. Unfortunately, this party with Dr Bawumia hoisting the flag encountered the COVID pandemic which buffeted all of its colonies and caused meltdowns. Critics of the NPP say this argument is groundless as many countries have resurrected and doing just fine.

The Movement For Change led by Alan Kyerematen is calling for change under the label of a third force to break the duopoly of the dominant NPP and the NDC.  Previous attempts by smaller parties to cause such an upset fell flat even though the forces of duopoly had failed to meet targets and bring relief to the suffering masses. It will be the greatest political sensation in Ghana’s Fourth Republic if Alan who holds himself as the third force in the making can break through the tight political sandwich to provide a fresh start to governance in Ghana.

The largest opposition the National Democratic Congress, NDC, led by John Dramani Mahama also employs the word ”break” in a special jargon couched by one of its leading members Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah who during a campaign at Asesewa in the Eastern region tossed the proviso, ”Vote for NDC to break the NPP’s corruption.” The NDC is of the view that Ghana needs to make a clean break from the present for the masses to get the much-needed relief. It states that soaring prices corresponding to inflation are the worst in post-independence.

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