Eyewitnesses’ blow by blow account of how bullet pierced through Ashaiman man’s head

Residents of Ashaiman have discounted claims that a truck pusher who was killed on Sunday tried to disarm a military officer.

Eric Ofotsu was allegedly killed by a soldier who was part of a combined military and police team detailed at Ashaiman to enforce a lockdown order by President Akufo-Addo to curtail the coronavirus outbreak.

The military hierarchy said in a statement that: “Initial reports are that the suspect in resisting arrest attempted to disarm the soldier leading to a struggle during which the soldier’s rifle accidentally went off”.


According to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), the deceased was suspected of being involved in narcotics.

However, eyewitness accounts suggest a different story. Two women who observed what happened told JoyNews that the military command’s release contained inaccuracies.

Ofosuwaa, a family friend of the deceased, said she went to escort a friend that Sunday. On her return, she ran into the soldier who questioned why she was outside.

Drone photos: Ashaiman residents defy lockdown

The spot where the victim died
The spot where the victim died.

She said her response to him was that she was going to the washroom.

“When I came out, I saw him (soldier) telling Ofotsu to leave the area, but Ofotsu told him (soldier) that he lives at the market,” Ofosuwaa recounted. “I told the soldier that Ofotsu was mentally challenged and he sleeps and works at the market by transporting goods and engaging in menial jobs”.

She said Ofotsu had desilted the gutters the previous day, and the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly had not even paid him.

“All of us around told the soldier he (Ofotsu) had a mental problem,” she said, as she alleged that the serviceman ignored her comments.

Ofosuwaa said she saw the soldier make a call and someone at the other end of the line instructed him to kill Ofotsu.

After the call, “He cocked his gun, and we all took cover, but before we realised he had shot him (Ofotsu)”.

Civilian ‘accidentally’ shot dead in lockdown operation

“I ran and held my ‘brother’, and I started calling neighbours for help,” she said in tears.

“If they said Ofotsu held on to the soldier’s gun, it is a lie. He never tried to disarm the soldier. The soldier didn’t try,” she concluded.

Another eyewitness, who preferred to remain anonymous, said she was sitting in front of a cold store when she heard “exchange of words” between Ofotsu and the soldier.

“The soldier hit the deceased with a stick. The deceased got angry, and he collected the stick from the soldier and dropped it.

Ashaiman MP demands justice for constituent killed by military

“After the initial altercation, Ofotsu and the soldier went separate ways, and the military man made a call to an unknown person. The soldier returned. But those of us around thought he wanted to hit Ofotsu again,” she recalled.

“But what we saw was that he cocked his gun. I thought he was going to give a warning shot. However, he rather pointed the rifle at the throat of the victim. He shot without hesitation,” the agitated woman said.  “The bullet went through the back of his head. He (soldier) just took a tissue, picked the pellets and placed it in a polythene bag. All he said was, ‘I am sorry’”.

“The sight of the killing and the blood made me urinate, and I thought I would have a miscarriage. One woman even defecated instantly,” she continued.

According to her, the conduct of the soldier was terrible because security had been stationed in Ashaiman for protection and not the murder of unarmed, innocent civilians.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashaiman Constituency, Ernest Henry Norgbey, has vowed to seek justice for the resident who was allegedly shot and killed “accidentally”.

An investigation has commenced into the incident. The Ghana Armed Forces have assured the general public that “details of its investigations will be duly communicated”.


  1. Anonymous says

    So sad this still happens in Ghana in 2020.

  2. Nuhu Soale says

    I have always said that the Military and the police have issues against the state which they can’t voice out because of the nature of the job.
    So they are using the method to let us know that things are going the way they want them to.

    1. Anonymous says

      What kind of strange reasoning is this?

      1. Officer Toro says

        I wonder sef. People like talking shit paa. And on the matter itself, it is a pity the guy has lost his life, but being an ex police man, I know how people lie to defend suspects and victims of such mishaps. Soldiers will beat you when you mess with them, that is a know fact, but for it to reach shooting dead a person, I think there is more to it than the witnesses are saying and we should all be patient for the results of the investigations.

        1. Anonymous says

          U are an idiot…massa put ur senses together gyimieee

    2. Anonymous says

      Well this is possible though.

    3. Anonymous says

      So they kill unarmed civilians to let us know their grievances? Seriously

  3. Loyalty says

    Respect authority. That’s all

    1. Anonymous says

      Such loose talk ..an asshole killed a fellow human who was unharmed and damn talking of authority …absolutely nonsense

    2. Anonymous says

      Who the hell is that talking about authority without they using this authority wisely. Please let justice prevail accordingly and severely. You let the authority to respect at the expense of the life of your family to come to your home and shoot ur family including you unarmed. You are too matured enough to think so low like that.

    3. Anonymous says

      Didn’t you read what was written. Or you don’t understand simple English. If it were to be your brother I bet you wouldn’t think of any authority. Meteeew

      1. Anonymous says

        thats lame talk,,what do u mean respect authority? did u read it well..the guy was mentally challenged. fool

    4. Anonymous says

      U are an animal.

    5. Anonymous says

      You are a stupid ass fool you think it’s alright to take another man’s life idiot

    6. Anonymous says

      Docking idiot. Authority my arse

    7. Kaizer says

      Wait till they kill ur family member and say respect authority. If authority is not respected, is gunning down the best? Foolish man.

      1. Anonymous says

        When a civilian kills a Soldier,it’s normal right? U sure know of what happened in Denkyira Obuasi! The Soldier doesn’t have a family right? Standing in the hot sun and sweating profusely. Coming into contact with numerous people whose status of COVID-19 isn’t even known. Why didn’t u equally also come out amidst the lock down? Perhaps ur conscience was clear enough to alert u of the danger and at least to be law abiding. You think the soldier who stands in the hot sun and gets exposed to the mosquitoes throughout the night just to see other people enjoy peace doesn’t have a family too? Hypocrites.

    8. Doo-Ni Kpaa says

      One day, it may be you or your family member.

    9. Killa says


    10. Anonymous says

      You are not serious if the innocent deceased is your family

  4. Anonymous says

    The sad part is other tv and radio stations are just following the lie the millitary is giving instead of going there to ask the people around . This thing happened with people around .

  5. Anonymous says

    This is unprofessional. Some of such unfortunate incidents are bound to happen in the Ghanaian communities until rulers and politicians refrained from recruiting and imposing their own boys to GAF for indiscipline trainings that brought Ghana to this

    men for GAF

  6. Anonymous says

    U guys act like u are fools
    When the residents were throwing stones at them did u guys see??
    Well done soldier

    1. Anonymous says

      you’re very stupid paaa

    2. Anonymous says

      Wished it was a relative of yours so u could congratulate the military man. wise up

    3. Anonymous says

      Are you ok.Are they here to protect us or to kill us,and u are saying he has done well.I wonder if u are a Ghanaian.Shame on u

      1. Anonymous says

        When a civilian kills a Soldier,it’s normal right? U sure know of what happened in Denkyira Obuasi! The Soldier doesn’t have a family right? Standing in the hot sun and sweating profusely. Coming into contact with numerous people whose status of COVID-19 isn’t even known. Why didn’t u equally also come out amidst the lock down? Perhaps ur conscience was clear enough to alert u of the danger and at least to be law abiding. You think the soldier who stands in the hot sun and gets exposed to the mosquitoes throughout the night just to see other people enjoy peace doesn’t have a family too? Hypocrites.

    4. Anonymous says

      Your time will come bitch

    5. Anonymous says

      Ur mother kum ur father kum ur generation kum ur wifeGod will punish u but not nownonow……..,,,

    6. Anonymous says

      You are very stupid

  7. Anonymous says

    Don’t resist the these military guys,the moment you struggle with them you become an enemy he must use all his tactics to take you out… that’s how they are train ,they don’t surrender even if takes many years

    1. Anonymous says

      Ahh which part of the story the women told don’t you understand? They sad he is mentally not stable and a person like that can do anything. Also he didn’t even harm the military man after their small quarrel. Read and understand and stop posting stupid comments.

      1. Anonymous says

        What makes you thing the women are telling the truth? They may just be protecting him because they know him. It happens a lot.

  8. Anonymous says

    What a story! That the military man talked to someone one phone and the person instructed him to shoot the man. For what? I doubt this account

    1. Officer Toro says

      I also doubt it. How did the women hear what the person on the other end of the line say? I don’t support excessive force to make people comply, but hey, force must still be used on recalcitrant offenders. The law allows it. It’s sad the guy has lost his life for not listening to simple orders, but I strongly believe he attempted something terrible to warrant a gun shot, mental or not

      1. Killa says

        Then if not then by now prisons officer too will be killing all the conderm prisoner just like without orders

  9. Anonymous says

    You are an idiot for congratulating the soldier for taking the life of an innocent civilian

    1. Anonymous says

      If the story from the community is true the our able soldier did not do well at all.Why should he placed a call before taking action.
      We must obey the law but some of our military men are taking the law into thier hands.The commander must listen from the community before he issue some communicate to the public.
      They are there to protect and a life is lost.It could be your brother my brother.Please Ghana is our motherland.

      1. Anonymous says

        I understand you bro but honestly you don’t know and hv no idea of what really happened, I suggest you pray for the family of the late. God is in control 🙏🏽

  10. Anonymous says

    It was before the shooting !! The market boys were angry at the officers . And you could have written your comment without insulting anyone . Just saying .

  11. Anonymous says

    A soldier killed an innocent person accidentally bitch he didnt do that accidentally 하느님이 그를 벌하시기를

    1. Officer Toro says

      What makes you think he was truly innocent? Is it because it is alleged he is mental? Have you ever seen a mentally ill person on rampage before? I don’t support killing people for their offences, but I bet something terrible happened, which the so called witnesses are hiding. The guy is not the first person the soldier had met outside, who gave reasons why they are outside. So why him being shot? If the guy had given the soldier the same courteous answers the women gave the soldier, when he asked them why they were outside, I don’t think this would have happened. We need to switch into investigative mode when such things happen and be patient for true facts about the matter, instead of jumping to quick conclusions before we sympathize with the victims.

  12. Anonymous says

    May the soul of the innocent rest in peace. The family must deal with the soldier in the African way . What kind of behavior is that ? Couldn’t you have arrested him ?

  13. Fie joyce says

    If it was a civilian who shoot a military man like by now they would’ve arrested all Ashaima people by now

  14. Anonymous says

    Murdered in cold blood. May his soul rest in peace. This are innocent blood that are crying on the surface of the earth. The Lord forgive our land.

  15. Anonymous says

    Murdered in cold blood. May his soul rest in peace. These are innocent blood that are crying on the surface of the earth. The Lord forgive our land.

  16. Anonymous says

    Common deployment has become destruction brutalization to killinglization. We are not in war front waiting for our enemies bt rather putting things in order. I no blame anyone na corona virus I blame waaaaaaa that has made people to take the law into their own hands

  17. Jo says

    Since the security agencies have nobody to talk for them, when this of this nature happens civilians talk anyhow.. Do u think the military man is just insane to shoot someone just like that.. come on .. that member of parliament seeking for justice would have done worse if he was in the shoes of the military officer.. some Ghanaians r just animals n cos they will get some stupid politician to defend them, they will always fool around…

    1. Naasei says

      So it’s out of the realms of possibilities for a military personnel to shoot unarmed civilians unprovoked? What’s the basis of such a claim, even trashing the accounts of eyewitnesses? Are soldiers insusceptible to insanity?? (in response to your second sentence). I’d like to know why you think this way. An unarmed, homeless civilian lost his life and you believe he deserved it somehow due the apparent infallibility of service men, and the tendency for “politicians” to defend victims. Are you serious???
      You may be living under a rock or simply lack education (and empathy), but read this carefully, Mr: there’s a code of conduct all security personnel go by; given man’s inherent affinity for conflict, excessive anger and superiority complex when put in charge. Thus, only incredibly minute circumstances allow for the use of the kind of lethal force used by the officer; especially in such deployments as lockdown order safeguards.

      1. Officer Toro says

        And what make you think this minute circumstance did not arise there? One side of the story says he was trying to take the gun from the soldier, an extremely serious offence if you ask me. The other side of the story says they turned to go their separate ways when the soldier turned round and shot him.
        Without being prejudice, it is said that the bullet went through the victims throat and appeared at the back of the head, an indication that the two were not actually going their separate ways, else the bullet can not take that trajectory. The bullet would have come out at the back of the neck, not the head. These two people were in very close proximity for the bullet to travel up from the throat and come out at the back of the head. The two people struggling with one another is a very possible candidate for that to happen. And so we need to be very careful not to jump to hasty conclusions because a live unfortunately is lost. I strongly believe the witnesses are just protecting the dead. It does not mean I support the soldier, the gun did not actually go off accidentally.

    2. Naasei says

      “the security agencies have no one to speak for them” yet all media houses are reporting the fictitious claim of perpetrator. Some weird tought patterns you have there Mr Jo.

      1. Jay says

        This is not de first time. In my case I’ve witness two n in all cases they came out to lie to cover their deeds. Wicked people nkoaa

    3. Killa says

      You are very stupid ma brother do you think if someone is misbehaving we kill the person anyhow u can disable him but not to kill I think you are a service worker does why you are talking like fools

  18. Naros says

    After reading this piece, I’m currently crying. That was barbarick on the part of the soldier. God will severely punished such soldier. His Generation shall never know piece.

    1. Officer Toro says

      There you people go with your hasty conclusions. No offence, Naros. When I read the story, I immediately suspected the witnesses were lying. Why? Because, for a bullet to travel from the throat and appear at the back of the head means that the nozzle of the gun is at the throat and pointing upwards. How could that happen when they had turned to go their separate ways and the soldier turned round and shot the guy after a phone call? Massa, some truth is hidden in this matter, so don’t let us be quick in cursing the soldier. I don’t support killing people, but I also know how mentally ill people (that is, if he was truly mental) can behave when they go on rampage. Another thing, don’t ready believe friends of victims or suspects. Most of the time, they don’t tell the truth because they want to defend their friends. Talking from experience as an ex policeman and a criminal investigator.
      This is why I want the state to have working cameras on all streets as there in Europe and the America. Something would have been pick by a camera or two, which would have helped in this investigations.

      1. Killa says

        And do you also think what the soldier did or his witness said is also true masa don’t go there

  19. SMH says

    This #Nkwasiafo) soldiers and police men who didn’t even pass common SS exams, kill innocent people all in the name of using their discretion.
    The military and the police should come and tell us is old incident. #AgyimiSem #sei #saaa
    Kill of us rule over animals. #Nkwasias3mkwa

  20. Anonymous says

    This boils down to the fact that the media cannot be trusted when it comes to reporting hard issues like these ones.
    Sooooo disheartening to see our “protectors” turning into our “killers”
    I only pray they don’t sweep it under the carpet

  21. Jay says

    They wld cm out with lies as they always do to justify their deeds. Same way they (tafo polic) killed hasco n covered up with an excuse of heart attack. They equally killed another guy at krofrom close to de traffic light n also claimed it was a heart attack after they had electrocuted n tormented this guy to death. Ghana has a wicked n lying security force

  22. Anonymous says

    Will like to knw how they gets to hear the voice other other person on the phone instructing the soldier to shot.
    2ndly you claim the person is mentally challenge so how come he can’t artake the soldier
    3rldy the story of the women sounds different all together so which of them is saying the truth since them all were eye witness ?
    4thly can’t the networking system trace the contacted person with their conversation?

    1. Anonymous says

      U are very objective. U are not a hypocrite. U will go far in this world. Nice sense of analysis

  23. Anonymous says

    If you read this news and you wrote this then you are a bastard and you will be the next to go down by soldier

    1. Killa says

      You figure say if u r a soldier u are strong masa don’t let that deceive u siakwa

  24. Anonymous says

    What is the purpose of the handcuffs and also what is warning shoot…….?

  25. Killa says

    Is only those who are unwell trained do that killing

  26. Killa says

    Then if not then by now prisons officer too will be killing all the conderm prisoner just like without orders

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