Seven Corrective Principles For High Blood Pressure

1. Reduce intake of protein foods as meat and eggs to the minimum. During period of treatment, cut them out altogether.

2. Cut down on all foods, especially foods rich in animal fats. Eat lightly, and rightly.

3. Cut out all dead and devitalized foods. These include, salt (fried foods), sugar, white bread, meat fats, strong tea (coffee), and pepper.

4. Cut out all pepped up and stimulating food and drink.

5. Base your diet on the 80-20 principle for sound health, that is to say, see that your daily food intake consists of approximately four-fifths of fruit, salads, vegetables, and milk, and only about one-fifth of starch and protein foods.

6. Make it a policy to control all emotional upsets, they are not worth the candle with the ever present danger of a stroke.

7. See that you get adequate amounts daily if all the essential vitamins–A, B Group, C and E. Calcium and kelps, these last to keep the thyroid gland in health. All are of vital importance, and vitamin E especially.

The amazing results from vitamin E in all heart and blood pressure cases is one of the triumphs of modern science. Experiments showed that vitamin E dissolves blood clots in veins and arteries.


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