Ghana’s roads “most dangerous place to be” – Public Safety Report reveals

Ghana’s roads have been tagged as ‘the most dangerous place to be in Ghana’, as it accounts for the majority of deaths and injuries in the country.

The report dubbed Ghana Public Safety and Crime Report (BPS Watch) has revealed 915 casualties were recorded in 2019 representing 45% of all casualties.

The 2019 report, which comprises data gathered from ten portals between January 1 to December 31, sought to determine what accounts for the deaths and injuries in the country.

Official statistics from the Ghana Police put 2019 casualties on the road at 13, 435.

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Based on the findings, the report in its highlights said transportation-related incidents have accounted for the majority of deaths and injuries recorded in Ghana.

“Transportation-related events reported for the year 2019 was dominated by road transport events. 147 cases monitored accounted for 915 casualties representing 45% of all casualties recorded. This makes Ghana’s roads the most dangerous place to be in Ghana, as it accounts for the majority of deaths and injuries contributed by a single public safety index,” BPS noted in its report available to theghanareport.com.

The report also said that violent crime-related deaths were the second highest after transportation-related deaths. Violent crime-related deaths stood at over 249 deaths, representing 29% of all deaths captured within the same period.

Highlighting the violent-related crimes, the survey report shows the top three most reported violent crimes were murder/manslaughter, aggravated assault, and armed robbery events.

According to the safety department, murder and manslaughter cases keep rising, as the second half of 2019 recorded an increase of 34% over the first half.

It added that gun use was the most dominant offensive weapon used in the commission of violent crimes in 2019.

It, however, noted that aggravated assault and armed robbery cases have reduced marginally between the first and the second half of 2019.

The National Road Safety Authority, in a related survey, has shown that a total of 2,418 pedestrians were knocked down in 2019 between the period of January to October.

According to the report, an average of this figure from the NRSA reveals eight pedestrians get knocked down each day on the country’s roads.

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Find the full report below

Download (PDF, 990KB)

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