Knives Out

The snowball effect of the perception swirling out of the rumour mill has made landfall in reality. Initially, it only existed in figments. Often, it was brushed aside as just a vicious insinuation that stood poles apart from the truth. Falsehood they said.

Some called him weak and written off for as they claimed ”he was politically blunt.” When he came out to do the unthinkable and with the high-pitched confident tone that he had resigned, they called him a bitter man.  The move taken by him is trivialized and called delusional.

Alan Kyerematen has catapulted a stiletto that mechanically strikes anything on its path, not excluding even his parent party on the hit list.  A stiletto is a specialized knife or dagger with a long slender blade and a needle-like point, primarily intended as a thrusting or stabbing weapon.

The domino effects – Ashanti votes at stake, the collateral effect of the Alan bombshell being the uptake of floating votes that are fed up with NPP and NDC.

These two parties have responded to the action with unfiltered salvos from the vocabulary. The NDC says the man Alan is weak, shambolic, and part of the problems he is escaping. Escaping to where the main opposition party asks?

The NPP from where Alan defected to be on his own says his decision was premeditated, infantile, and of no effect on the electoral prospects of the governing party. Its most militant reaction had been the call on party fanatics to remove all of Alan’s posters and paraphernalia from NPP installations.

Alan has obliged, and in less than 24hrs has evidence to show he is ready for the tempestuous face-off. Alan’s billboard around the Emmanuel eye clinic at Shiashie-East Legon in Accra has rapidly changed from NPP colours to the new colours of the Movement for Change with the butterfly symbol embossed on it.

But is the sand sinking beneath his feet already? Known faces in his former political fraternity are distancing themselves from him. Their flight from the dive is the open declaration for the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia whose supporters say he is coasting to victory to become the flagbearer of the NPP in election 2024.

Can Alan upset the status quo given the consternation that has followed his bold action? A bird has been whispering the sudden butterflies in tummies, quaking in shoes, and stage fright upon evaluation of the Alan tsunami.

The build-up to Ghana 2024 is characterized by strong, and turbulent conflicts, leaving deep cracks on the journey. Those traversing this rough terrain can only be jumping off like the kangaroo does. Luxury is yanked out of their affordance.

  1. Anonymous says

    The NPP deserve what they bargained for.

  2. Anonymous says


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